First Time and Aspiring

Wedding Officiant Program

Break out of "I have No Idea What to Do"

and become

Ready, Willing and Able to meet your client's needs and wishes!

Who Is This Officiant Training Program For?

  • Officiants who are tired of making mistakes, being embarrassed in front of people by leading a boring ceremony
  • Friends or Family Members who've agreed to officiate for a loved one's wedding but find themselves unsure of what to do next
  • Officiants who want their uncomfortable Inexperience to be replaced by Competence, Clarity and Fun!
  • People who know any training they get will add to their hire-ability

I DO-Wedding Officiant Training is NOT an ordination service. Our programs help you build on the authority of the ordination you've already obtained.

"Good training is a continual friend and a solace; it helps you now, and assures you of help in the future."

- Richard Mitchell

Rev Crystal - Founder / Creative Director

"The good news is ... anyone can become an Officiant and piece a ceremony together. The bad news is ... anyone can become an Officiant and not know a thing about leading a ceremony. But by the time the couple figures that out, it's too late! This doesn't need to happen."

"When I began leading wedding ceremonies 28 years ago, I had the benefit of training during ministerial school. I learned what the elements of a ceremony are and how to put them together to create a meaningful and memorable ceremony.

"With internet ordination, it's different these days. There's a lot available on the web, almost too much. I've had my share of cutting and pasting ceremony ideas together too. But it's coming from the heart that changes even the worst "heard that before" ceremony from cookie cutter to unique. That's one of the skills a student is encouraged with in the RWA Program.

"Things have really changed in the Officiant 'world'. You really don't have to be preachy anymore, or deliver a sermon on the benefits of marriage. You can make a ceremony meaningful by effectively telling the couple's love story and weaving in here and there bits of "love wisdom". It's all part of the RWA program.

"I believe every couple deserves to have a fabulous wedding ceremony. And no Officiant should ever stumble or have anything less that a great time at a ceremony. So that means helping and preparing new Officiants to do the great job they WANT to do. No more guessing about what step is next, or wondering if they really put a good ceremony together. Ultimately, knowing what to do and getting some great creative tools helps the new Officiant stand out in an increasingly over-crowded, unskilled wedding Officiant market."



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How The Program Works

STEP 1 - Utilizing Resource Guides

After purchasing your Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Package, you'll be sent a link to join the private Facebook Group. Introduce yourself, look through the posts and begin getting tips that will make your Officiant experience successful from the start.

STEP 2 - Need The Right Resources

Every day for 7 days you'll receive an email with links to download all of the materials for the scheduled topic. Download the videos, templates, cheatsheets and resources at your own pace.

STEP 3 - Live Support

Facebook Live events are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month Eastern Standard Time from 7:00 to approximately 8:00. (ON HOLD UNTIL NOVEMBER, 2018)

Can't make it? Events will be recorded so you can listen to them any time.

Post questions and Rev Crystal and participants will help you find the answers to your question.

You Can't Argue WIth Results

The Ready, Willing & Able Officiant Package

Leading a wedding ceremony is far different from attending a wedding. Whether you're going to officiate because you were asked to or you're looking for a meaningful outlet that also creates income, getting prepared and ready compliments how willing you are to step up to the plate.

This program gives you the building blocks to fashion your own style of ceremony and meet the needs of your couples. We've done the research for you and give you helpful tools, resources and techniques to give you the ...

. . .Creative and Confident Advantage!

Lesson One - Getting Organized

Essential Guides

  1. Checklists to keep yourself organized
  2. Tools of the Trade video and links you'll need as an Officiant
  3. Materials you can share with your couples to help them get organized too!

Lesson Two - Tuning into Your Couple

Get Guides and Cheatsheets to help you tun into your couple's love story, values and desires.

Less Three -

Ceremony Creation: From the Beginning

  1. Scripts that build on your Tuning Up with your Couples
  2. Video -- Ceremony Blueprint #1 -- a step by step walk through the beginning of leading a ceremony

Day Five -- Customize and Fabulize

  1. Reading Selections (from scripture to Native American, reverent to humorous)
  2. Prayers, Blessings
  3. Special Ceremonies
  4. How to connect the different elements of your ceremony

Day Seven -- The Final & Best Link

  1. Get one-on-one help reviewing your wedding ceremony
  2. Completion and submission of your ceremony

Lesson Four - The Heart of the Matter

  1. Tips for leading a Wedding Address
  2. Learn about all things Vows
  3. Effective ways to conclude your wedding and send the couple off with extra joy

Day Six -- The Effective Officiant Mindset

  1. Prep yourself before creating your ceremony
  2. Prayer or affirmations to use before conducting your ceremony
  3. Build your confidence techniques

What Our People Say!

"This is very, very helpful. I come from a line of ordained Elders and I have been ordained for 5 years. I used to mimic my dad -- I would take out his manual and just be him for a moment.

I have to say that I have not seen training like this before. I have read blogs and have seen short articles but this course is blessing me. Thank you so much for this!"

Rosalind L C


"Crystal, what you are doing is so very useful; whether it's for an experienced officiant or not! You can tell that you put your heart and soul in it... Your price is so reasonable. I have been looking for what you offer for years. I'm so blessed that I found your course!"

Judy SL


What are the Benefits of the RWA Officiant Prep Program ?

Expand Your Knowledge –

You may have a bare bones wedding ceremony but you want more that a five minute schpeal everyone's heard before. Learn how you get from "We're gathered" to "I Do" to "By the authority given to me" with grace, even pizzazz! The RWA program guides you from start to finish so you'll know what to expect -- and be in charge.

Avoid Regrets –

Wedding professionals and often guests express frustration that the new Officiant and their ceremony can

  1. Be over way too soon (they may have come 100's of miles to be with the couple and it's over it 5 minutes -- boooo!)
  2. Be inappropriate (The Officiant thought THAT was going to be funny???)
  3. Be distractingly awkward (Why is everyone looking at me? What am I supposed to do now?)

Why risk being embarrassed or upset when helpful how-to's, in person advice and resources are available for you to build or improve your competency and create an awesome ceremony too?

Positively Prepared –

With group interaction and professional guidance combined with great resources you’ll have so much going for you! Our how-to's, templates and content selections give you direction and options that set you firmly on the road to a stellar Officiant experience.


Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Prep Program


Seven Classes & Certification

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Not in the program?

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"Questions and Able Answers"

I’m not interested in anything fancy or spiritual. Will I still get value from this program?

You sure can. The Brilliant Officiant package is a basic skills and resources package. We're not promoting any religion or belief system. You have complete freedom to cut, paste or edit. If you're interested in a more spiritual perspective of being an Officiant, that's a program in development.

What if I change my mind and decide I don't want to be an Officiant?

It’s all good. We know officiating isn't for everyone so we'll refund your money. All we ask is you request your refund within two weeks of completion and you can show that you've used/downloaded the material. No refunds after two weeks.

What if I miss a Facebook Live session?

Sessions will be recorded so you can watch them anytime of day or night

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! You'll be notified when you can post your questions before the Facebook Live session and Rev Crystal will answer as many of them as she can.

I'm ready! What do I need to do to start?

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